New details emerge on country lockdown


New details emerge on country lockdown

The government will consider reintroducing stringent measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. This is if Covid-19 infections will continue to rise. Among the tough measures that the government is considering to reintroduce include lockdown.

In the last two months, the country has been reporting very few cases of Covid-19 infections. However, these cases have been on the rise in the recent days. There are also fears of another deadly variant called Omicron which has been reported in the neighboring countries including Uganda. However, this variant is yet to be detected here in Kenya despite the rising fears that the variant could be fueling the recent surge of Covid-19 cases.

Following the statistics given by the ministry of health on Monday, the country’s positivity rate stood at 6.6%. This rate was six times compared to the data and statistics that was given out just a week ago. For instance on December 4, the ministry of health announced that the Covid-19 positivity rate was at 1%.

The positivity rate determines how fast the disease is spreading in the country or in a community. The World Health Organisation considers any positivity rate that is above 5% as alarming.

The recent spike in the rate of Covid-19 infections has made the ministry of health to raise a concern. The CS of Health Mutahi Kagwe said that they would consider putting in place a series of measures to curb a new wave of the pandemic. CS Kagwe added that the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus will meet with the modelling team and scientists and a decision will be made on the measures that should be reinstated to protect Kenyans from the surging infections.

Kagwe said that if NERCC will recommend for a lockdown, they will not hesitate to reintroduce it.

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