New details emerge on new fuel price


New details emerge on new fuel price

Fresh details have today emerged concerning the price of fuel in the next one month. According to president Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent address at Uhuru Gardens, the price of electricity was the one going to be reduced by 15% in phases. However, an alert has today been issued by EPRA that the price of fuel will remain unchanged this month.

According to EPRA, a litre of Super petrol will retail at Ksh. 129.72, Diesel Ksh. 110.60 and Kerosene at 103.54. EPRA has stated that the fuel prices will be effective starting today at midnight. The high cost of fuel during this festive season will force public transport means to increase the cost of transport.

Kenyans have therefore been urged that no changes of fuel price will be done next month as they had been promised and therefore the they will continue buying fuel in the above set price until further notice.

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