Sad news as a group of children are swept away by raging river

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Sad news as a group of children are swept away by raging river

Several rescue teams from Kwale are currently searching for a group of children who are said to have been swept away by a renowned river in the region.

Confirming the incident, a news report that has been shared by Citizen Tv has revealed that the five children were playing alongside the river before they decided to get into it in order to swim. However, their games later turned tragic after the strong water waves Swept some of them away.

Reports have revealed that the bodies of three children is yet to be found. Luckily, one of the children is reported to have saved himself after swimming to the shore while the other one was allegedly Rescued by a group fishermen who were at the scene of the accident.

While reacting to this incident, Kwale Police boss has called upon residents from Kwale to make sure they stay vigilant especially during this rainy seasons. In his own words, he urged residents to make sure they stay away from overflown rivers along with other major water points.

This is happening at the same time when members of the people who died in the Kitui Bus Tragedy have called upon the government urging them to release the bodies of their loved ones who have been in the mortuary for a while. According to the reports given by the family of the deceased, they called out the government accusing them of keeping their relatives in the mortuary against their wil.

However, according to the latest news on the incident, the government has revealed that they are going to help the affected families in terms of financing their funeral celebrations in order to reduce the e budget and at the same time, reduce the effort put in place by these families.

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