This is why the bus that killed 33 people in Kitui sunk


This is why the bus that killed 33 people in Kitui sunk

This is Enziu Bridge, where more than 30 choir members lost their lives a few weeks ago after a bus plunged into the then swollen Enziu River.

Several participants of the Mwingi Catholic Church choir misplaced their lives after the bus they have been transferring in plunged into Enziu River in Kitui County, a few weeks ago.

The bus become ferrying the church choir collectively with passengers to marriage in Kitui while it turned into swaying with the aid of using the excessive stress water waves and plunged below fast-flowing waters.

Twelve humans efficiently scrambled to safety, however, the ultimate ones aboard the bus have been misplaced their lives while the car buried itself withinside the muddy tide.

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu who showed the incident stated that the 31 our bodies retrieved, a few had been buried and a few also are nonetheless setting up burial plans for his or her kins.

Police reviews found out that the passengers withinside the ill-fated bus had been invited visitors of the bridal wedding ceremony party, collectively with a lady, her 3 children, and grandchildren.

The overdue choir individuals had been to preside over the marriage ceremony, which turned into a wedding union of the mother and father of one of the choir individuals.

President Kenyatta turned into many of the Kenyan leaders who bring their messages of condolences to the affected households of the Enziu river sufferers and requested Kenyans to be cautious on roads at some stage in this festive season.

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