Trending news as Njoroge’s friend is also found with Ksh 102 million


Trending news as Njoroge’s friend is also found with Ksh 102 million

A few weeks after the court froze the bank account of Felista Njoroge who is reported to have been found in the possession of ksh. 102 Million her bank account, detectives from the Assets Recovery Agency have allegedly found the same amount of money in one of her friend’s back account raising more suspicion.

In an incident that a few weeks ago, it was reported that the court froze Njoroges bank account in order to find out the origin of her money. However, according to the reports given by the woman, she claimed that she received the whole amount from her billionaire boy friend who she claimed is dating her.

In the latest news on the incident, it has been revealed that police officers have found ksh.102 million in a bank account belonging to one of Njoroge’s friend. Reports have revealed that investigations led the officers to the bank account of Tebby Wambuku who is reported to have been found owning this amount of money.

This is happening at the same time when the court requested the woman to not spend any of the money Untill all investigation are cleared in order for the police to find whether or not the money is clean.

Ann… They are not sleeping in class, let them use their money wisely. Let them get the bag.

Luke… Now it’s getting more and more crazy. I don’t know what to say but this is getting serious.

Njeri… It’s so unfortunate that the government leaves Covid-19 billionaires only to go after children.

Paul… This guy is making us look bad. What kind of business does he do anyway, all that money is too much.

Cate… Are they in wash wash, I don’t understand I would like to have their phone numbers, we can be good friends.

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