Breaking: Building collapses in Thika, several people trapped

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Breaking: Building collapses in Thika, several people trapped

Buildings have been collapsing in the country for the past few months which have really shook the country because of the standards of civil engineering that are being approved.

A few days ago, a mine collapsed in Abimbo and trapped several people inside while others died and another collapsed yesterday evening.

This afternoon, according to the latest reports, a building in Thika has just collapsed and buried several people inside.

Image from the scene.

Many people are feared to be trapped inside the multi storey building that was under construction in Thika, Kiambu County.

The building has collapsed at Sunstar Hotel in Thika behind the famous Thika Greens in Kiambu County.

The number of people that are trapped inside is not known yet as no rescue team has been seen at the place as of yet.

Image from the scene.

The residents of the area have called on the county administration to rush to the scene to help with the rescue of the people that have been trapped under the rubble.

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