Drama in kericho as dead man goes missing


Drama in kericho as dead man goes missing

A family in Kericho county was forced to postpone the funeral service of their kin after the body they went to collect couldn’t be traced. The believed family was left in shock not knowing what to do.

The distraught family couldn’t find the body of their kin among those in the Litein Hospital morgue. The morgue attendant who was forced to explain where the body was couldn’t comprehend the bizarre turn of events either. The family say they had never heard of search and funeral being postponed was a taboo and might cause future curses.

“As is the norm, the date for the funeral had been set for today. Family members and other relatives accompanied in escorting the body home for burial as is the norm. Armed with the clothes of the dead, we couldn’t find our kin. Those who accompanied us were all called to identify among those in the morgue but it was not there. It’s taboo. We don’t know where he is,” His brother said.

In a report by the hospital, it’s believed a case of mistaken identity could have caused the mishap. A family from Narok South is believed to have taken the body yesterday. How it happened is still baffling.

The shocking incident was reported at Litein Police station as the investigation begins.

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