Shock as boy resurrects 5-years after he was burried in Tanzania


Shock as boy resurrects 5-years after he was burried in Tanzania

Police in Tanzania have launched investigations after a boy who was buried five years ago is said to have been resurrected

The 11-year-old Leonard Morisha, a resident of Ngemo village, Mbogwe District, Geita Region, who died on June 27, 2017, at Geita Hospital and was buried, is said to have appeared, exactly five years since his alleged death.

Confirming the incident, Geita Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Henry Mwaibambe said the child was seen at night in Segese village, Msalala ward, Kahama District in a shop where a security guard by the name of Emmanuel Busiga identified the boy and took him to his parents, and later alerted the police.

The police commander said the boy was positively identified by his parents, adding that his health was also good.

However, doctors who examined his body said his tongue had been cut, which left him with speaking issues.

“The boy is in good health but after being examined at Masumbwe Health Center he was found to have a severely cut tongue, which made him not able to speak,” said the police in this video

Henry Mwaibambe also said his officers went to the court to get permission to exhume his grave but were shocked when they only found the clothes they used to bury him. His late father’s boxer was also found inside the grave, even though the father died 2 years after the boy had died.

While the boy was buried in a coffin, neither the coffin nor a piece of wood was found in the grave.

The mother told officers that his son had died of anaemia (kuishiwa damu).

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