Baby allegedly starved by mom’s boss dies


Baby allegedly starved by mom’s boss dies

Sadly, the baby, who was seized by his mum’s boss over inability to pay some debt has died.

On Friday, December 17, the deceased’s mother sobbed upon discovering the condition of her 5-month-old kid, whom her madam had allegedly seized.
The woman conducted a live video interview with human rights activist Harrison Gwamishu to report on her madam’s actions.
According to the 19-year-old mother, her madam snatched her baby since she was unable to repay her for assisting her in paying off a hospital bill.

Prior to this, photographs of the baby showed him to be healthy.
However, the baby lost a lot of weight after supposedly being with the madam named Tina.
Reuniting the woman and her kid required the participation of the Lagos State Social Welfare Department and the police.

Harrison confirmed the baby’s death in an Instagram post.

Sad! Baby allegedly starved by his mum

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