Children ate their father’s head without knowing


Children ate their father’s head without knowing

A woman narrated how her young children by then ate their father’s head without knowing after she cooked it in a pot of beans after he was attacked by the rebels and cut into pieces.

She further stated that at the time when her husband was being killed, they were not at home and upon returning home, they found her husband brutally killed.

She showed that their children were still young and the had no idea that there father was dead. They were hungry and that they had nothing to put into their stomach so she decided to cook their father’s head.

After they ate their father’s head, her mother described that her children developed some abnormal behaviour and upon taking them to the hospital, the problem was never diognised.

However, she claimed that her children paralysed. They have already grown up but they cannot help her in anyway. She stated that her first born is 31 years old and she doesn’t talk while her second child keeps running away from home.

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