What is really happening after Influenza virus in Kenya


What is really happening after Influenza virus in Kenya

Omicron and influenza are the trending diseases in Kenya. Citizens on social media platforms have been complaining of ‘homa’ which health staff have found it to be influenza. What do the two share in common and what are the difference? Read the article below to find out.

Omicron is a variant of coronavirus. It is an infection that has been reported recently in the country. It spreads to other people even if they are already vaccinated. According to experts, the current vaccination of COVID-19 remains effective in preventing the severe illness, hospitalisation and death caused by the viral disease.

Influenza on the other hand is a seasonal flu. Just like the corona, they share common symptoms like cold, sneezing and dizziness. It attacks the respiratory system (lungs, nose and throat.) It affects young children of 5 years and below, adults above 65 years, people with other chronic diseases like asthma and tuberculosis and those with weak immune system.

Incase you experience any of this symptoms, get tested in health facilities to ascertain it. This will help you in the right treatment to take. Thank you for reading my article. Please like, share and comment.

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