Class eight pupil dies in an eating competition


Class eight pupil dies in an eating competition

There was drama in Busia County after a pupil collapsed and died while taking part in a food eating competition.

Sikura Primary School in Butula had organized a food eating competition for pupils, where participants had to compete in drinking soda and bread eating.

It has been reported that one pupil who was to sit for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) next year, collapsed and died while gulping down bread.

According to media reports, the pupil died after the bread choked him.

“Class 8 pupil dies after choking in a bread eating competition organized by Sikura Primary School in Butula, Busia County,” Citizen TV confirmed.

Eating competition

Food eating competitions are common in schools in the Western region of the country, which in most cases, happen at the end of the term after learners have completed their exams.

The competitions are organized by teachers so as learned are entertained as teachers mark their exam papers and prepare their report cards.

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