Man in Bungoma claims dowry back after divorce

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Man in Bungoma claims dowry back after divorce

A 52-year-old Bungoma man has moved to court requesting his former parents-in-law be asked to refund his dowry including interest and other forms of relief following a divorce with their daughter.

Wilberforce Saenyi Murunga got married to Irine Mitekho Khaoya four years ago and expected their marriage to bloom, have a happy family and raise kids together. With accordance to the Bukuru customary law, Murunga paid KSh 50,000, three Ayrshire young cows, a cross Ayrshire bullock, a she-goat, gumboots and a cap.

The man said his mother by marriage Florence Khaosa, the bother-in-law Edwin Khaoya together with other family members visited his home and after signing, they agreed that he could pay the price. However, one and a half years later, their marriage began to have issues and the lady purportedly began leaving their home.

This happened after Murunga headed out to the United States of America to further his studies. However he said he had to stop his visit when the lady advised him to get back home with the aim of having kids. One thing led to the other and they eventually divorced in court.

After they divorced, Murunga again got back to the very court requesting a refund of his bride price.

Before Kitale Chief Magistrate Julius Ngar, the man also demanded interest of the money and property and some other forms of relief the court might consider to offer him. He contended that the lady’s family had schemed to swindle him of his hard-earned money.

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