Man rapes ex girlfriend and pays two other men to rape her

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Man rapes ex girlfriend and pays two other men to rape her

29-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly raping his ex-girlfriend and paying ksh 700 to three other men to rape her.

According to sources, the alleged man stormed into the victim’s house who was in the company of her new boyfriend and attacked her.

The suspect is accused of dragging his ex-girlfriend outside her house and took her to his house where he assaulted her with a wooden stick and locked her in his house.

The new boyfriend is alleged to have fled away when the suspect stormed into his girlfriend’s house and left her in the hands of the violent man.

The suspect raped the victim and later took three homeless men and ordered them to rape his ex-girlfriend threatening the three men with a knife.

He later gave them ksh 700 after they did the heinous act. The three men are yet to be arrested since no one knows their whereabouts.

The suspect is expected to be arraigned in court on Friday to answer the case of rape, kidnapping and assault.

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