Sad news as man rescues drowning woman and dies

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Sad news as man rescues drowning woman and dies

In what attracted praises from the Kenya Ferry Services and locals following a heroic action from one of their own Omar Mwalimu, later turned tragic after it triggered the painful death of the Security Guard who lost his life after saving a life.

On Wednesday last week a woman attempted to commit suicide by throwing herself into the Indian ocean while on board a vessel at the busy Likoni ferry crossing channel.

In an urgent action to rescue the woman, the Security Guard attached to the Likoni ferry channel immediately dived into the Indian ocean to rescue the woman.

His heroic act caused another accident where Mwalimu, a father of three hit a rescue boat and injured his left side of the body.

The late Omar Mwalimu, a Security Guard working at the Likoni ferry crossing channel

According to his family, the left part of Mwalimu’s body paralysed a sign that he sustained internal body injuries, however none of the ferry administration or even his ISMAX Security company would take him to some urgent medical attention or even take him to an X-ray examination just to establish what could be ailing the selfless worker.

Despite efforts from the family to raise money to take the diver cum security guard to hospital for some specialised medical examination, nothing came through and Mwalimu painfully succumbed to injuries on his bed at his Likoni home on Wednesday morning at around 5 am.

He was been buried at the Bomani cemetery in Likoni on Wednesday evening.

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