More than 17 Al Shaabab killed by Somali forces


More than 17 Al Shaabab killed by Somali forces

This incidence took place on Friday afternoon where the Somalia forces attacked the biggest Alshabab base in Gamble village. The battle became too intense forcing the terrorist run for their lives and hid among the residents. The soldiers pursued them until they made their exit out of the village where some survived death by a whisker.

The Somali based terrorist have been a big threat to the peace of Somalia since its formation early 2006. The terror group is estimated to have six thousand to nine thousand fighters spread across different regions in Somalia. The funders of the terrorists is not known making them a very strong unit to deal with in matters of war.

The terror group has become a threat even to neighbouring countries such as Kenya where they have conducted different attacks. The gunning down of this terrorist is a celebration to the whole East African region as peace will now prevail.

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