Shock as Modern coast bus bursts into flames on Monday evening


Shock as Modern coast bus bursts into flames on Monday evening

Kenyans were on Monday evening treated to sad news after a Modern Coast Bus heading to Mombasa caught fire and burst into flames near Javakali in Kakamega county.

According to eyewitnesses, contrary to what many believes, the coast bus was not involved in an accident with the two small cars.

It was reported that the bus arrived at the scene minutes after the two small cars were involved in an accident, leaving one of the cars bursting into flames.

The driver was advised against proceeding with the journey past the accident scene but he ignored the cars, and followed a narrow road beside the burning car, before one of the bus’s tires busted.

Upon bursting, the tire caught fire. According to one of the witnesses, the burning tire could have been extinguished with the aid of some water but then again, the driver ignored leading to the whole bus going up in flames minutes later.

“The bus was escaping the accident scene beside the burning small car. It was not in any way involved in the accident where the two small cars had collided. This bus came after the accident. Ilijaribu kupita kando lakini tire ikaburst, then moto kiac ikawaka, tulijaribu kumwambia dereh tire inawaka amwagie maji lakini aka assume” narrated one of the eye witnesses.

The other small car was towed away from the scene and survived the raging inferno. Luckily, all passengers were rescued, though they lost all their luggage.

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