Family of Tom okwach in pain as there is no hope of finding him


Family of Tom okwach in pain as there is no hope of finding him

It is 26 days under the rubble as one of Abimbo mine’s victim, Tom Okwach remains trapped.

Efforts to recover the body of Mr Okwach from the mines entered day 26.

His Family members still hopes to get his body for burial.

Tom Okwach last communicated with his close friends 17 days ago, hours before they were pulled out.

It is believed the young man was alive for several days with his fate not known for now as rescuers fail to locate him.

In a series of reports by the media houses, local rescuers had dug three separate holes attempting to pull him out, only to give up few days later.

Okwach’s mother said they have been camping at the site for 26 days, with family members clinging on hope to find their son alive gone.

Okwach’s mum, Joyce Ocholla said that rescue missions using excavators has been stopped making the rescue operations hard and tiresome to find the exact location of the 24-year-old Tom.

“I buried my eldest son few years ago and Okwach was the breadwinner. I pray to God hoping to see him alive,” said Mrs Ocholla.

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