A headteacher in Mwingi commits suicide leaving a note behind


A headteacher in Mwingi commits suicide leaving a note behind

A man from Mwingi committed suicide and left a suicide note. Confirming the incident, Mwingi OCPD, Peter Mutuma said that Wikithuki primary school headteacher committed suicide in his Ithumbi residence in Mwingi central sub-county, Kitui county. Jacob Nguli left a suicide note saying that his wife, with whom he has been having wrangles with has been inciting all the people around him to hate him. “You have been always thinking ill of me, you have never appreciated me regardless of the efforts I put providing for the family”, Part of the letter read.

The suicide note that was left by the deceased. Photo courtesy

His brother, David Nguli, claimed that when the deceased was in distress, he would open up to him and chat with him. David further said that Mr. Jacob’s wife was to blame for his suicide since she was giving him a lot of pressure. He further stated that the wife had returned to her parental home as a result of their relationship issues.

The instance was very unfortunate according to Michael Munyasya, KNUT Executive Secretary, Mwingi branch, who urged teachers to remain watchful and report occurrences of depression among colleagues.

Munyasya stated that the union will collaborate with TSC to guarantee that teachers are properly guided, counseled, and directed. He further stated that the deceased was a senior teacher and had served as a headteacher for over ten years.

Munyasya urged the government to address the issue of delocalization by taking into account the age of the teacher, claiming that the policy is not beneficial to the teachers.

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