Sad news as another man is killed by a group of hyenas

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Sad news as another man is killed by a group of hyenas

The residents of Kiambu county are living in fear following reports that a group of 20 Hyenas are roaming freely in the area in search for meals. This incident was alarmed by the DCI yesterday evening after a middle aged man was mauled to death by these dangerous predators.

Even as the search continue for the animals, another attack have this morning been reported, this time round, in Thika. While issuing a statement to the public, the DCI request the locals to continue exercising precautions as they try to contain the situation that is getting out of hand. They regret the incident and assured the citizens that appropriate measures have been laid down to eradicate the mess.

It still remains unclear how the animals escaped from park without the full knowledge of the authority despite the presence of electric fence around most national parks. The KWS have not yet issue official statement over the same.

This time at the time human-wildlife conflict is on the rise. Few months ago, a Lion was spotted roaming in Rongai town thereby sending fear and jiggers to the dwellers. The government should come up with permanent solution on how such cases can be minimised to avoid more loss of lives.

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