Several Al shabaab killed today after they planned an attack on Kenyan soil

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Several Al shabaab killed today after they planned an attack on Kenyan soil

Somalia based terror group Al-Shabaab has suffered a huge blow this Thursday after their planned attack in a town ended badly.

Amy commandos overpowered the militants and rained bullets on them, killing several

Militants’ lives were cut short by hot bullets fired by brave army commandos from the Somali National Army (SNA) who came out to protect a village that was under attack.

According to sources from Somalia, terrorists stormed a town in Bal’ad district and fired several RPGs, targeting civilians and government forces.

SNA organized a defensive operation and managed to stop the attack by putting down at least nine militants.

“Somali military claims to have shot dead nine al Shabab militants after an attack in Bal’ad town, some 30km north of Mogadishu. SNA says their counterattack had inflicted a major blow on al Shabab,” the source from Somalia said.

Unfortunately, the militants had also killed civilians after firing several RPG mortars that hit the town.

Five civilians were killed in the process.

“Somali National Army repulsed an attack on Bal’ad district by #Alshabab and killed 9 terrorists, on Thursday morning. 5 civilians were killed after mortars fired by the terrorists hit in the town, #SNA officials told to State media,” government media said.

The attack in this town comes a day after more than five terrorists ditched terrorism and surrendered themselves to the government forces.

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