53-year-old man arraigned in court after he was court defiling his 9-month old daughter


53-year-old man arraigned in court after he was court defiling his 9-month old daughter

A 53-year-old man from Cape Town is waiting to be sentenced to jail, for defiling a 9 month-old daughter several times in his matrimonial bed, when the mother of the girl was away from home.

Mr. Wilson White (not the real name) appeared before the Principal Magistrate in Cape Town law court on Wednesday, where he awaits judgement to take it cause.

According to police reports, the suspect forcefully dragged the victim into a dark room before defiling her repeatedly in his matrimonial bed without using protection.

The witness in their statements told the court that the suspect was caught red-handed broad daylight, while in act with the victim, when the girl’s mother was away for daily activities.

The magistrate in the statements in court said the prosecution proved its case beyond any reasonable doubt that William sexually abused the minor repeatedly on that particular day.

The judge further said the defilement allegations was discovered when the members of public busted the suspect in act with the minor in the room.

In the judgement, the principal magistrate said the suspect should be jailed, to serve as an example to those who maybe be having the same thoughts.

He further said that the 53-year-old man was arrested on a charge with defilement and once charged, both suspects are expected to appear at the Ceres Magistrate’s Court.

Rural and Farmworkers Development Organization executive director Billy Claasen conquer with the prosecution desk saying that harsher sentences on these crimes should be imposed.

“If needs be, the Department of Social Development should consider removing the child from the mother’s care. We will petition against both the suspects, and they should remain in custody until the case is finalized,” said Claasen.

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