Man killed by hippo while bathing in Lake Victoria


Man killed by hippo while bathing in Lake Victoria

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Human animal conflict has been on the rise in the recent past,with many people succumbing to injuries caused as a result of being attacked by wild animals.

Today,a village is mourning the death of a fisherman who was killed by a stray hippopotamus while taking shower at the bank of lake Victoria.

According to the reports,Mike Atema a 25 year old man was tramped and mauled by a hippopotamus to death.

At the time of the incident Mike was in accampany of other two people who survived when the hippopotamus appeared to them.

Narrating the incident, Onyango Otieno one of the survivors revealed that the animal caught Atema unaware when he was applying soap on his head.

“We were bathing and the animal appeared where My friend was bathing,we fled the scene with my other companion ,tried later on to save the deceased but in vain”Said Mr Onyango.

The villagers who gathered at the scene requested the government to help them get rid of the beast which have been killing them and destroying their crops.

The body of the deceased was retrieved from the water and transported to the morgue by the police.

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