Passengers cheat death as bus catches fire


Passengers cheat death as bus catches fire

Accident have become more rampant on our busy road. This accident seems not take any break since the year begun as many are now losing their lives since the year begun.

Today many have been much surprised after a moving bus was caught fire on a busy highway. The video that was Spotted on social media platform by Lamito sato Emmanuel clearly indicated how some people offload some passengers luggage which were placed on top of the vehicle. People in the bus decide to run for their lives as fire fighters were being called to put of the flame that was spreading very fast.

This incident has left many people with more questions of where did this fire start from as it’s not something common. Although, there is claims that one person had placed and explosive on top of the bus that has caused the flame.

This incident just comes a day after Nk Matatu sacco caused an accident killing 8 people on spot.

Now Kenyans have asked the NTSA to act very fast so that they can save the life’s of innocent Soul on roads than leaving them to perish.

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