Electricity kills woman in Kericho county


Electricity kills woman in Kericho county

A 41year old woman has been burnt beyond recognition in Kericho county. According to news aired by a local Kalenjin media house, the lady is reported to have tried hitting the donkey that had gone astray when the long stick touched loosely hanging power lines. According to eye witnesses, the cane was wet and green. They explained that the situation of the wet stick could be the cause of electrification. The body of the forty one year old lady was badly burnt to beyond recognition. Residents have called upon relevant authorities to take action and repair the power lines which pose very high danger to locals.

One resident insisted that the wires were a danger to their kids especially now that schools have resumed amidst heavy rains in the south rift region of Kenya. He called upon the Kenya Power and Lighting Company to be swift in their response towards tragedies.

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