Man kills girlfriend after finding her with another man


Man kills girlfriend after finding her with another man

An ugly scene was witnessed at a local entertainment Joint, in a village after a man killed his girlfriend.

Mark Marengo reportedly killed his girlfriend after he caught her at a local entertainment Joint entertaining another man believed to be her side Lover.

According to the reports,Irene who was working at a local bar in the region as a bar attendant was having a nice time with the side lover, when Mark ambushed them and hitted her with a bottle of beer.

Confirming the incident,the area police boss noted the deceased succumbed to head injuries while being rushed to the hospital, while the man she was accused of cohabiting with fled the scene unhurt.

“It is so unfortunate we lost one of our daughters who was hit by a man believed to be her lover,we have started investigating the matter and justice will be served” Said the police boss.

He added that they have arrested the suspect who is currently held at a police station and cautioned residents against taking laws into their hands.

The remains of the deceased was transported to the morgue awaiting medical examination.

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