Happening now: Train overturns in Kirinyaga


Happening now: Train overturns in Kirinyaga

trains don’t overtake or over speed. Happening Now, there is a train accidents in Kirinyaga where a train has overturned after failed emergency breaks.

This train accident has occurred in a place called Karima in Ndia, Kirinyaga county. Kenya railway have already responded to this Accident by sending it’s workers to the accident site to help ease the situation.

Accident to witnesses, the just heard screeching sound as the train tried to stop abruptly but failed. The train ended up overturning injuring several passengers that were on board. Residents have already rushed to the scene to help save the passengers from the wreckage.

This accident has occurred just a few minutes after another road accident has occurred along Mombasa road involving a bus full of passengers that has also overturned into a ditch over breaks failure. Please do like, comment and share

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