Uganda produces first diesel bus


Uganda produces first diesel bus

Uganda is one of the very few countries in Africa that are currently producing locally made buses through the Kiir motors a motor producing company based in Uganda, the buses run on diesel and more than 90% of their body parts are manufactured locally which is actually the opposite of what happens in assembling.

The diesel Uganda made buses have been confirmed to consume less than 25 litres of diesel in every 100 kilometers meaning it is quite profitable that the assembled buses that consume more than 30 litres of diesel in the same 100 kilometers.

Not much has yet been made public about the buses for they are still in the testing stage so some changes might be made to further improve them, the Ugandan government under Yuweri Museveni has welcomed the local manufactured buses and have stated that the country might stop the importation of buses so as to make sure that the local ones have market.

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