Police on the run after he attempted to murder his girlfriend


Police on the run after he attempted to murder his girlfriend

Cases of Police officers being caught up in suicide and murder incidences are becoming common. They are either killed or are accomplices in committing murder. And more often, these murders are under controversial circumstances.

It’s never a nice reading to discover when there are reports of a police officer having being involved in a domestic violence dispute, and what makes matters even much worse is when there are reports of death that are involved in the process of the entire ordeal.

A senior Sergeant is on the run after allegedly firing shots at his girlfriend with the intention of killing her in South B, Nairobi County.

It is alleged that Senior Sergeant Geoffrey Thuo walked into Cheers Club, which is run and owned by his girlfriend Zuwena Wangari.

He threatened to shoot and kill her then commit suicide.

The officer shot at his girlfriend but he did not hit her since she dodged the bullet using a whiskey bottle.

The incident comes in the backdrop of calls by members of the public and civil rights activists for the National Police Service (NPS) to offer support to their officers who are suffering mental health problems.

Few weeks ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta raised concern over the rising cases of rage killings by police officers and pleaded with cops to seek alternative means of addressing their issues such as counselling.

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