Government vehicle attacked on Lamu


Government vehicle attacked on Lamu

This comes after Lamu County has been experiencing fatal attacks. It is Suspected the attacks are planned by some group who are fighting over land.

The Government early this imposed a curfew at the area affected with the attacks at the area urging residents not to get out at the curfew time as they will be considered as suspects.

Happening now is that the government vehicle GK has been attaked by the bandits in Milihoi area. No cansulities has been reported so far but motorists have been urged to perceive with caution.

The government is settling security in the area and suspects will be brought the book and judged with arson and killing of people as some residents houses have been burnt down to ashes and others loosing they lives.

Residents have been advised by the government also to report any suspect to easy the work of the government restoring peace in the area.

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