Shock as mother strangles herself alongside her daughter, bodies found hanging on a tree


Shock as mother strangles herself alongside her daughter, bodies found hanging on a tree

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been increased cases of murder and suicide due to stress and depression brought about by the effects of the pandemic

In the latest development, a teacher, wife, and mother of 3 hang herself alongside her youngest child in Migori County.

The woman was married to a fellow teacher in Komomange area, Kuria West Sub County, Migori County.

It is alleged that when she got married, the husband paid her fees from high school to college, she then got employed as a teacher in Kisii County.

The lady later got into another relationship with a police officer who got her pregnant and she bore him a child (the last born child).

The police officer is said to be from Ntimaru, Kuria East Sub County, the two lovebirds moved in together without the husband’s knowledge.

The lady’s family was against her decision to on with another man having left her two elder kids with their father in Kuria West.

A few days ago she had gone to her parent’s home for a close family member’s burial when the whole family turned against her and rebuked her asking her to go back to her Mwalimu husband.

The former husband had already reported her to the children officer for neglecting her children, and the case was under investigation.

The feeling that everything and everyone was against her made her take the drastic decision of taking her life and that of the little angle she had with her police lover.

Alert!!! Disturbing video!!

Get the full story here and the photos of the victims.

May their souls rest in eternal peace.

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