At least 21 Al-shabaab killed by Kenyan soldiers close to Kenya-Somalia border

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At least 21 Al-shabaab killed by Kenyan soldiers close to Kenya-Somalia border

The Al-Qaeda associated force Al-Shabaab continues to mount attacks on Somali government, military and civilian targets. Similarly, the militant group continue to suffer huge blows in theater.

On Sunday 9th January 2022, at least 21 Al-Shabaab terrorists were killed and their planned attack successfully thwarted in Somalia’s Galgadud region. A heavy fight broke out in the town of Adakibir in the country’s Galgadud region after Al-Shabaab attempted probe on military base operated by Galmudug regional forces.

The fighting lasted over an hour and heavy weapons were used by both sides. Corresponding local sources reported that bodies of Al-Shabaab were everywhere noting that, there were no civilian casualties.

Somali national television (SNTV) reported on its Twitter account of that Galmudug regional forces supported by National army troops gallantly thwarted the attack, killed 21 Al-Shabaab terrorists. The national media also noted at least four SNA soldiers were martyred in the fierce fight.

Separately, more than 24 Al-Shabaab operatives were killed by own IED at Sarira and Dir Dir Muso areas along the Kenya-Somalia border area of Ras Kiamboni between the period 4th and 6th January 2022. This signal increased used of IEDs as militant’s weapon of choice by planted especially on Military Supply Routes (MSR). Increased aerial and ground surveillance, besides change of routine by military and counterterrorism assets much encouraged

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