Strange bridge In Scotland where dogs commit suicide


Strange bridge In Scotland where dogs commit suicide

In Scotland, there is a beautiful stone bridge where supernatural things happen. At this bridge, dogs suddenly and unexplainably jump to their demise at the exact spot on the bridge. This has been happening for decades now.

According to reports, 50 neighborhood dogs have committed suicide on the bridge. These dogs jump off the bridge and even though some of them don’t die immediately, they sustain alot of injuries. This is because the bridge is not tall drop enough for some dogs to die.

Many stories have been said about the bridge but people have stuck to the supernatural explanation.

The dog specialist on behavioral of dogs decided to study the reason why dogs jump on the same spot. He took one of the dogs that was rescued and took it to the bridge. It tried to jump on the same spot again.

He took a close study of the area and realized that, the spot below the bridge had many nests of minks. The dogs were actually attracted by the scent of the minks and that is why they jumped down the bridge.

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