Drama in South Africa as police uproot cannabis plants near the president’s office


Drama in South Africa as police uproot cannabis plants near the president’s office

There was drama in South Africa on Wednesday after police officers uprooted several cannabis plants growing near President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office in Pretoria.

According to media sources from the city, the plants were being grown near the office of the president by activists from the indigenous Khoisan community.

Drama ensued when police officers showed up at the place with uprooting the plants as the main mission, only for them to be faced with resistance from activists, who were being led by their top leader, King Khoisan.

BBC reports that King Khoisan was the main source of drama after he clung to a large cannabis plant as police dragged him away.

He also issued officers with threats by saying they were starting a war with them

“Police… you have declared war. We have been here peacefully. We are coming for you,” the AFP news agency quotes him as shouting.

He was later, together with other activists, arrested by officers after being accused of planting and growing an illegal plant.

The publication has stated that they are going to be charged with “dealing in dagga [cannabis], illegal plantation and cultivation of dagga as well as failure to wear a face mask in public when ordered to do so by a police officer,” a statement to the media said.

King Khoisan’s wife, Queen Cynthia told the media that they how been growing the plant for its medicinal use.

“I am very, very cross. The president doesn’t want to come,” to talk to them,” she said, adding that the Khoisan people just want acknowledgement.

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