Grisly road accident in Lwandeti takes 6 people’s lives


Grisly road accident in Lwandeti takes 6 people’s lives

Many are the Kenyans who continue losing their dear lives due to the rampant road accidents. That keeps on occurring now and then in every part of the country. Hence the need for both stakeholders in the government, drivers, and pedestrians to be careful as they use the roads.

Despite the adherence to road safety. Accidents have kept on occurring ending the lives of innocent souls.

Today in Lwandeti, Lugari Subcounty, Kakamega county. A grisly road accident has reportedly happened along the Eldoret -Malaba road. This is after a truck run over pedestrians, allegedly killing 6 of them.

This is according to information shared by Philip Etale via his Facebook page. The accident has just happened this mid-morning.

The bodies of the deceased have been taken to Webuye Hospital Mortuary as the injured were rushed to the nearest health centers.

Via a viral video shared online, onlookers are seen at the scene in a somber mood. As they remain sad, shocked to see and hear that their loved ones are no more.

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