Shock in Baringo as cow gives birth to calf with two heads


Shock in Baringo as cow gives birth to calf with two heads

There was drama witnessed in Kerio Valley in Baringo where a cow gave birth to a calf that has two heads in an incident that has shocked residents of the quiet village.

It’s still unclear as to what causes this deformity in animals which leads to these kinds of mutations that have been very common in the country over the past.

The calf has two heads, two tongues but it only has three eyes which continues to defy logic and understanding.

Most of such animals that are born this way have been known to die prematurely as they don’t live very long.

The incident took place in Kiptolelio Village in Kapluk Location in Kerio Valley found in Baringo County this evening.

James Nyairuk, the Assistant Chief of Kapluk Sub Location confirmed the incident saying that the calf is in good condition.

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Alfason Kiplagat: it happens and its called naseglaciamonosomia , commonly caused by pseudomothyyta. Early detection can be rejogulated and semidaphate the whole hemidiphra ,it can also happen to human beings. Comprehend guys or i repeat again.

Bonche: No need to conserve this. Where I come from, it is just slaughtered.

Enoc Kemboi: This happens- There is a conservancy in Kitale that take care of such animals.

Joyce Kiplimo: Mutation issue..nothing out of the ordinary.

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