Meet shimoli, Kenya’s hardcore criminal who escaped kamiti four times


Meet shimoli, Kenya’s hardcore criminal who escaped kamiti four times

In the Kenya list of hardcore criminals, Shimoli tops the list as another serial killer in the Kenyan history. Shimoli was nicknamed as Carlos the Jackal due to his witty method of evading capture and arrest. He openly confessed to having committed 14 brutal murders, a total of 88 rapes and a multiple successful bank robberies as well as drug deals over his brutal and extensive 10-year career period. He was an enthusiastic and highly motivated killer to a point that he single handedly killed his wife along with his brother-in-law.

Shimoli the Kenyan, “Michael Scofield” managed to break out of Kamiti Maximum prison four different times without anyone’s help. As a matter of fact, on one instance he was so determined to regain his freedom to a point he almost chopped off the leg of a prison warder who tried to hold him back moments before his death.

Shimoli caught his fate he was cornered and killed in Kangundo road while in the company of five of his accomplices and he was later buried at Kariokor Muslim Cemetery. Shimoli had an undispute reputation of getting away after angaging dozens of policemen in a heavy and extremely fierce gunfight battle.

On one incident he literally managed to pull away from a fierce gun flight after he was pulled over by two policemen while he was driving a stolen Mercedes in Nairobi Uhuru Park. Shimoli shot and wounded the two policemen using a hand pistol.

Shimoli also called Carlos the Jackal also managed to escape from a Nairobi courtroom full of armed police and prison staff but was later recaptured. His successful bank robbery earned him millions of millions. Unlike other bank robbers, Shimoli rarely deposited off his stolen gateway cars, he often used to strip them down and later sell them to a scrap yard.

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